A project to complete a project…

I’m taking on another project .  A “side project”.  Remember my post about Joe, that handsome sheep who inspired me?  Well, thanks to his buddies and gal pals (I heard Joe was quite the lady’s man) I will be making this big, bulky blanket.  Yes, it has been a pretty mild winter as far as Maine winters go.  But I know we can still count on a few more cold months, and many more nights snuggled up on the couch next to the wood stove after a long day.

I am a beginner knitter.  All I’ve every made so far are scarves.  I have three incomplete scraves, one of which I am making for my son.  I started it last October, and am still knitting away.  He chose the color red, his favorite.  Unfortunately, so much time has passed his new favorite color is yellow.  So, why don’t I just finish the scarf before I take on a massive blanket that requires size 15 knitting needles?  Who knows.  Perhaps it’s the spur of the moment idea I got when I saw the picture of the blanket.  Perhaps it was the dozen Facebook posts I saw about the blanket which got me inspired.  Perhaps it’s the challenge.  If I can finish a blanket like this, where my family can cozy up to on a cold day in Maine, I can do anything I set my mind to.  Besides, what better feeling to have a blanket like this knowing it was made by hand, passed on to generations with a story attached to it.

I will finish the scarf.  I promise my son will have the red scarf by the time winter is over.  It might be the last day of winter, but it will be done nonetheless.  And maybe it will just have some yellow in it at the end.  Another project with another great story behind it.


About Diary of a Wanna Be Homesteader...

Call me the black sheep of the family. I’m a 30-something (pushing 40) socially inept gal living in the beautiful state of Maine, mother of two rambunctious children, to include two dogs with a combined weight of 300 lbs. I met my husband, self-professed anti-social media mogul, in Japan. We met in November 1998, married in May 1999… happily ever after. After much exploration, and two children later, we settled in Maine to raise our family away from the hassles of city life. Surrounded by trees and clean air we’ve built a spectacular life on 3 acres. Folks may call us anti-social… we like to call ourselves pr0-self. We value each other, our family and our passions in life more than pleasing others. I buy milk in glass bottles. I drive a Prius. I am a weather junkie. I must drink a cup of coffee daily. I believe in buying local. I love knitting but don’t do it often enough. Sunflowers make me happy. Fishing calms my soul. This blog is about my love of a simpler life… family, love, gardening, nature, independence. This is the place where I will share it, and begin my journey to obtain that life, one step at a time.

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