The significance of the red door…

I have always been obsessed with the red door.  Five years ago when we trekked up north and bought our home the first thing I said was, “I must have a red door.”  Not long after our door was taken off its hinges and we painted my first red door.

Driving home from work today, I paid attention to all the homes I passed.  I was surprised at all the red doors I saw.  We all know that a red front door adds instant curb appeal, but what does a red front door symbolize? After some research, I found the red door symbolizes a lot actually.

It’s hard to pin down a specific origin of the red front door, but the tradition does trace back to Biblical times.  History states Hebrew slaves were instructed to paint their doors red to protect their first born from the angel of death.  Yikes!  Many churches also painted their doors red, with the belief that once you passed through it you were protected from evil.  And in early American times, if a family had a red front door, travelers passing through by horse and buggy would know that a home was a safe place to stop and stay.

Perhaps more importantly than its historical meaning, though, is the fact that, according to the principles of Feng Shui, a red door is supposed to create a welcoming energy in your home.

And the most exciting meaning: In Scotland, a red door means “mortgage-free,” since homeowners used to paint their front doors to announce to the world that they’d paid off their home.

Although my house isn’t mortgage-free, I most certainly accept the welcoming energy and protection from evil.


About Diary of a Wanna Be Homesteader...

Call me the black sheep of the family. I’m a 30-something (pushing 40) socially inept gal living in the beautiful state of Maine, mother of two rambunctious children, to include two dogs with a combined weight of 300 lbs. I met my husband, self-professed anti-social media mogul, in Japan. We met in November 1998, married in May 1999… happily ever after. After much exploration, and two children later, we settled in Maine to raise our family away from the hassles of city life. Surrounded by trees and clean air we’ve built a spectacular life on 3 acres. Folks may call us anti-social… we like to call ourselves pr0-self. We value each other, our family and our passions in life more than pleasing others. I buy milk in glass bottles. I drive a Prius. I am a weather junkie. I must drink a cup of coffee daily. I believe in buying local. I love knitting but don’t do it often enough. Sunflowers make me happy. Fishing calms my soul. This blog is about my love of a simpler life… family, love, gardening, nature, independence. This is the place where I will share it, and begin my journey to obtain that life, one step at a time.

One response to “The significance of the red door…

  1. Hahaha. I want a red door too! 😛

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