What time is it? It’s maple syrup time!

It’s that time of the season… Maple syrup is a flowing!

Maine celebrates this festive part of the season as “Maine Maple Syrup Sunday”, which occurs on the last Sunday of March.  It’s a sure sign that, yes, spring has arrived and warm weather is on its way.  Since moving North we’ve yet to miss a Maple Syrup Sunday.  We are so fortunate to have multiple maple syrup farms within a five mile radius of our home.

Three years ago, my husband and his infinite wonderful ideas, went maple syrup crazy.  After making our traditional Maple Syrup Sunday trip he became obsessed with the idea of tapping our own trees. He trekked back to the farm and bought everything he needed to tap a few trees on our property.  Seeing it as yet another crazy idea of my dear husband’s I just sat back and waited for disaster to happen.  But when I saw my kids tap their first tree all those worries went away.  The look on their faces to see the sap flow.  It could have been liquid gold.

Although the disaster did not occur, turning the sap to syrup proved to be an undaunting task.  Since we did  not own any professional type of boiler we resorted to boiling the sap on our stove, and in an electric roaster pan on our porch.  Both an absolute bust.  It was so disheartening.  Jugs and jugs of sap and not one ounce of syrup.  Frustrating to say the least.

Flash forward to this week, when the weather was nothing short of spectactular.  As I pulled in to the driveway one evening I found both of my children nowhere in sight.  My husband said they were at the neighbors house.  A few hollers out my front door they come screaming along on their four-wheeler.  And what appeared in my daughter’s hand?  Pure liquid gold.

It appears my children were helping the neighbor collect sap from his trees.  Because of their hard work he rewarded them with a small jar of syrup.  Of course I was proud…  but after intense jealousy ran through my veins first!  I thought to myself, “if my neighbor can do it, I can do it.”

So here I am today.  This time it’s a decision I’VE made.  My husband is coming home and he’ll be tapping a few trees for me… my crazy idea.  Only this time I’LL do it right!  Sorry, honey…

…how sweet it is!


About Diary of a Wanna Be Homesteader...

Call me the black sheep of the family. I’m a 30-something (pushing 40) socially inept gal living in the beautiful state of Maine, mother of two rambunctious children, to include two dogs with a combined weight of 300 lbs. I met my husband, self-professed anti-social media mogul, in Japan. We met in November 1998, married in May 1999… happily ever after. After much exploration, and two children later, we settled in Maine to raise our family away from the hassles of city life. Surrounded by trees and clean air we’ve built a spectacular life on 3 acres. Folks may call us anti-social… we like to call ourselves pr0-self. We value each other, our family and our passions in life more than pleasing others. I buy milk in glass bottles. I drive a Prius. I am a weather junkie. I must drink a cup of coffee daily. I believe in buying local. I love knitting but don’t do it often enough. Sunflowers make me happy. Fishing calms my soul. This blog is about my love of a simpler life… family, love, gardening, nature, independence. This is the place where I will share it, and begin my journey to obtain that life, one step at a time.

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