I need some $#*! kickers if I’m gonna do this…

The Urban Dictionary defines ‘Shit Kickers’ as “The type of shoes that don’t matter at all, and can get muddy, or dirty. Usually used when you know you are going to get dirty, or just can’t find any other pair of shoes.”  I need a pair of these… desperately.

I’ve got boots, but not the kind I’m willing to get used and abused.  My three (yes, three) pair of LL Bean boots are too dear to my heart.

This past weekend I trekked through my yard inspecting the ground after all the snow had melted.  As I walked, picking up all the lovely gifts from my dogs, turning the hay left on top by garden boxes, and clearing out brush, my shoes were caked.  Caked with dirt, dog patties, leaves…. you name it.  As I looked down at them I came to the wise conclusion that a pair of good ole’ shit kickers were a must.

Nothing says accomplishment like a pair of muddy boots staring at you.  That is when you know you’ve worked hard.  No fear of what lies beneath your feet.  No fear of getting down in the trenches to clean out the old and make way for the new.

Now that I’m getting a pair of kickers I guess the next thing is a pair of overalls…


About Diary of a Wanna Be Homesteader...

Call me the black sheep of the family. I’m a 30-something (pushing 40) socially inept gal living in the beautiful state of Maine, mother of two rambunctious children, to include two dogs with a combined weight of 300 lbs. I met my husband, self-professed anti-social media mogul, in Japan. We met in November 1998, married in May 1999… happily ever after. After much exploration, and two children later, we settled in Maine to raise our family away from the hassles of city life. Surrounded by trees and clean air we’ve built a spectacular life on 3 acres. Folks may call us anti-social… we like to call ourselves pr0-self. We value each other, our family and our passions in life more than pleasing others. I buy milk in glass bottles. I drive a Prius. I am a weather junkie. I must drink a cup of coffee daily. I believe in buying local. I love knitting but don’t do it often enough. Sunflowers make me happy. Fishing calms my soul. This blog is about my love of a simpler life… family, love, gardening, nature, independence. This is the place where I will share it, and begin my journey to obtain that life, one step at a time.

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