“But the fire is so delightful”…

It’s a bit early I know, but Fall is slowly creeping upon us.  Up here in Northern New England it seems that summer only lasts two months… actually, that might be more of a fact.  So, anticipating fall, which leads to planning for winter, is truly a year round process.

If you read my earlier post you know that we have a large pile of freshly delivered wood sitting off the side of our driveway.  I imagine at some point in time, hopefully within the next month, (hint, hint, o’ manly husband of mine) it will get stacked.

For the past three years our home has run solely on wood heat.  The only exception we’ve made was this past spring.  My husband was away and the chimney needed some serious cleaning.  Completely lazy, and having no idea what to do, I closed up the wood stove for the season and ran the furnace for about a week.

Earlier this summer my husband and I decided to upgrade our wood stove.  Our current stove runs well and has been excellent to us.  However, knowing that we use this as our primary source of heat, we decided an upgrade was warranted.  After weeks of research and negotiating back and forth with one another on style we made a decision.  Our choice:  A Harman Stove.  I’ll spare you all the details of this highly reviewed stove.  Bottom line, it meets the needs of our home.  This means we can continue to run solely on wood heat and keep the oil in our tank as an emergency reserve.

One detail I will share is that it comes with a cooking grill attachment for the top loader.  Yep, you guessed it, the good ole’ husband got his way again…

But, that’s okay, this stove was Made in the USA and that’s worth it’s weight in gold compared to a cooking grill!

Happy winter grillin’ everyone!


About Diary of a Wanna Be Homesteader...

Call me the black sheep of the family. I’m a 30-something (pushing 40) socially inept gal living in the beautiful state of Maine, mother of two rambunctious children, to include two dogs with a combined weight of 300 lbs. I met my husband, self-professed anti-social media mogul, in Japan. We met in November 1998, married in May 1999… happily ever after. After much exploration, and two children later, we settled in Maine to raise our family away from the hassles of city life. Surrounded by trees and clean air we’ve built a spectacular life on 3 acres. Folks may call us anti-social… we like to call ourselves pr0-self. We value each other, our family and our passions in life more than pleasing others. I buy milk in glass bottles. I drive a Prius. I am a weather junkie. I must drink a cup of coffee daily. I believe in buying local. I love knitting but don’t do it often enough. Sunflowers make me happy. Fishing calms my soul. This blog is about my love of a simpler life… family, love, gardening, nature, independence. This is the place where I will share it, and begin my journey to obtain that life, one step at a time.

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